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Mystic India: Trailer [QT 300 K]

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Mystic India: Trailer [WM 300 K]

Mystic India: Trailer [QT 300 K]

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Mystic India

MYSTIC INDIA rediscovers India, a land of many mysteries and fascinations. Home to the oldest civilization, India is our world's largest democracy. For millenia, many have left their homes and set off across this spiritual land in search of its secrets, to share the meaning of life that would elevate the rest of humanity.

Of all such journeys, none is greater than the true story of an 11-year-old child yogi, Neelkanth, who left his home on June 29, 1792, on a journey of awakening.

More than a traditional large format film, MYSTIC INDIA tells a tale as great as the country it is set in. Neelkanth's journey unfolds before us as we experience and learn of India and her timeless culture.

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