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Kilimanjaro: Trailer [Real 300 K]

Courtesy of Houston Museum of Natural Science

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Everest to Kilimanjaro [Real 300 K]

Everest to Kiliminjaro [Real 56 K]

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Kilimanjaro: The Climbing Team [Real 300 K]

Kilimanjaro: The Climbing Team [WM Fast]

Kilimanjaro: Trailer [Real 300 K]

Movie Info

Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa

Join a band of trekkers as they journey through rugged terrain and extreme conditions to look out from Africa’s highest point in David Breashears' latest mountain adventure large-format film, KILIMANJARO: TO THE ROOF OF AFRICA.

Photographed in the world’s largest and most evocative motion picture format, this film takes its viewers to the expansive slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro where they can experience the exceptional climates and landscapes of this mystical mountain.

This adventure of the human spirit follows five trekkers led by a local Chagga guide up the largest freestanding mountain in the world. The trekkers represent a mix of gender, race and life experiences, ranging in age from 12 to 64. Their diversity exemplifies the broad appeal of Kilimanjaro that lures people from around the globe to this phenomenal mountain.

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