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Island of the Sharks: Hammerhead Sharks [Real 300 K]

Courtesy of IMAX Corporation

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Movie Info

Island of the Sharks

The natural wonders of Cocos Island are captured in ISLAND OF THE SHARKS, a thrilling underwater adventure that immerses audiences in the waters of this Pacific paradise to swim with sharks, manta rays, marlin and giant sea turtles. Formed by a volcano, the rugged underwater topography of Cocos Island helps bring deep ocean currents to the surface carrying a wealth of nutrients. Located 300 miles of the coast of Costa Rica, Cocos Island hosts a dazzling array of sharks. White-tip, hammerhead, black-tip and silky sharks congregate here, some traveling thousands of miles. Sharks patrol the reef in packs, using their keen sensory abilities to hunt hidden wounded prey and sensing the tiny electric fields generated by the twitching muscles of hiding fish. This Island of the Sharks, Cocos Island is a place of abundance, beauty and wonder, providing a safe haven for an astonishing variety of creatures. Some spend their lives here, while others are restless travelers.

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