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Human Body: Developing Baby [Real 300 K]

Courtesy of nWave Pictures

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Human Body: Baby [Real 300 K]

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Human Body: Developing Baby [Real 300 K]

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Human Body: Trailer [Real 300 K]

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The Human Body

Large format cinema has explored all the mysterious locations of our human world: except one. Films have journeyed into space, deep under the oceans, to the highest peaks and travelled at the speed of a racing car. But the most interesting voyage that could be charted - and the one which science can tell us so much about - has just been made, the voyage into the human body itself.

Three years in the making, this film reveals THE HUMAN BODY in a way never seen before – telling the incredible story of a single day in the lifetime of the you and me. From morning to night we live through many miracles - from the moment we first open our eyes - burning cells from the surface of our retinas and giving us, each morning, a fresh set of sensors with which to view the day - to the last rumblings of our evening meal late at night as it is turned into the raw materials with which we will face tomorrow. In astonishing detail, we explore the daily biological processes that go on without our control and often without our even noticing.

Finding a way to capture the magic and wonder of human biology for a screen seven stories tall required a cinematic inventiveness that was anything but routine. Co-produced by Discovery Pictures and the BBC, THE HUMAN BODY incorporates groundbreaking computer graphics with stunning real-life images to create a day in the life of a human body.

See below to link to read BMZ Interview with HUMAN BODY Director Peter Georgi.

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