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Mission to Mir: Training Astronauts [Real 300 K]

Courtesy of IMAX Corporation

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DP James Neihouse, training astronauts to film with an IMAX Camera in space.

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Clips & Trailers:

Mission to Mir: Bill Ready [Real 300 K]

Mission to Mir: Docking with Mir [Real 300 K]

Mission to Mir: Featurette [Real 300 K]

Mission to Mir: Training Astronauts [Real 300 K]

Movie Info

Mission to Mir

American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have joined forces 200 miles above the Earth as the space shuttle links with Space Station Mir. In MISSION TO MIR, IMAX® cameras have captured the excitement and emotion of these dramatic events which herald the next age of space exploration.

Putting aside the days of the Cold War, we go behind the scenes of the Russian space program which was, until recently, accessible only to a few. Now we can explore Star City where Russians and Americans together are preparing for upcoming missions; thrill to a thunderous Soyuz launch at Baikonur; and witness the in-orbit drama of the Mir-Shuttle rendezvous.

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