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Bears: Bear Essentials [Real 300 K]

Courtesy of National Wildlife Federation and Primesco

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BMZ Original: Interview, with film footage.

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Bears: Bear Essentials [Real 300 K]

Bears: Bear Essentials [Real 56 K]

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Bears: Ideal Subject [Real 300 K]

Bears: Message [Real 300 K]

Bears: Polar Bears [Real 300 K]

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Most will never experience the exhilaration of seeing a half-ton-grizzly bear in the wild -- but now people of all ages are daring to get closer than ever before to some of the largest predators on the planet.

From the safety of giant-screen theaters worldwide, of course.

From black bears in Montana to polar bears in the arctic, the National Wildlife Federation’s fourth giant-screen film, BEARS, features a fresh view of these powerful, majestic and often misunderstood animals in the full glory of their natural habitat, and highlights the universal threats to bear populations.

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