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Super Speedway: Testing Cars [Real Surestream]

Courtesy of Big Picture DVD Productions

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See Mario Andretti test a new car in SUPER SPEEDWAY.

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Super Speedway: Testing Cars [Real Surestream]

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Super Speedway

Buckle up. SUPER SPEEDWAY puts audiences in the cockpit of an Indy car and catapults them into world championship auto racing action at mind-bending speeds in excess of 230 miles per hour. At the core of the film's action is Michael Andretti and the Newman/Haas racing team for which he drives. Together, driver and team test a newly fabricated car and ultimately drive it in hot pursuit of the championship in the PP CART World Series. Michael's efforts are seen through the eyes of his father, racing legend Mario Andretti, who participates in testing the new car and reflects on his own racing experiences and on the art, science and risk of high-speed competition. Set against the drama of the track are two story lines that follow the remarkable craft of creating Indy cars: the restoration of a 1964 roadster - a thoroughbred once driven at Indianapolis - and the building of Michael Andretti's state-of-the-art Indy car at the Lola car plant in England.

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