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T-Rex: Comes to Life [Real 300 K]

Courtesy IMAX Corporation

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T-Rex: Comes to Life [Real 300 K]

T-Rex: Featurette [Real 300 K]

T-Rex: Trailer [Real 300 K]

T-Rex: Trailer [MPEG Med.]

Trex: Dino Steals Egg [Real 300 K]

Movie Info

T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (3D)

Dinosaurs are very much alive - at least in the mind of one teenager. When a museum accident opens a portal to the past, audiences will travel back to the time when dinosaurs last roamed the earth. This breathtaking adventure of unparalleled realism, incorporates the most up to date scientific knowledge and brings us nose-to-nose with the largest and most realistic dinosaurs ever to appear on a movie screen.

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