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David Douglas to Receive '02 Kodak Vision Award


Written by: Large Format Cinema Association
Date: April 11, 2002

Pioneering Big Movie cinematographer/director David Douglas is the 2002 winner of the Kodak Vision Award for excellence in Large Format filmmaking, presented each year at the LFCA Conference in Los Angeles.


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Los Angeles, CA - Since its inception four years ago, The Kodak Vision Award has been bestowed upon a distinguished cadre of cinematic individuals. David Douglas, this year’s notable recipient, will be a worthy addition to an elite group of highly respected and gifted cinematographers who have been recognized for their excellence in large format filmmaking vis a vis this award. Douglas will be presented the prestigious Kodak Vision Award during the LFCA’s 2002 Conference slated for May 15th-17th of this year.

David Douglas began his film career by making a multiple image documentary while still in high school. This effort led to an introduction to Multiscreen, a film company where he ultimately became employed. The principals of Multiscreen included Robert Kerr, Graeme Ferguson, Bill Shaw and Roman Kroitor, the inventors of the IMAX system and the fathers of the large format film industry of which we are all a part today.

With almost thirty years in the medium, David Douglas is clearly our industry’s most experienced cinematographer and has photographed over thirty films for IMAX Corp. and other large format clients. He also added "directing" large format films to his list of accomplishments and is responsible for the Oscar nominated "Fires of Kuwait", the critically acclaimed "Survival Island", and IMAX’s first concert features, "Rolling Stones to the Max".

Douglas has even honed his skills as a film writer. On one of his most recent projects, "Wolves", he acted as Writer/Director and Cinematographer. He is currently directing and photographing SK’s film for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, "STRAIGHT UP! Adventure’s in Vertical Flight". "We are delighted with David Douglas’ selection as our Kodak Vision Award recipient. His multiple talents and skills have maximized the possibilities of the 15/70 format in filmmaking. His creative vision has inspired legions of large format filmmakers, " commented Beverly Pasterczyk of Eastman Kodak.

The mission of the Large Format Cinema Association is to promote international public awareness of large-screen entertainment formats; to provide a forum for sharing information among 70mm filmmaker, suppliers and manufacturers, distributors, theaters and their support industry; and to foster the growth of the large-screen entertainment industry through encouraging product availability, technical standards of quality and other activities as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

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Contact: NormaLynn Cutler
Douglas/Kodak Vision Award

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