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Cameron, Walden Media to Make Digital Big Movie


Written by: Marla Matzer Rose (Hollywood Reporter)
Date: August 10, 2001


Category: Press Releases

'Ghosts' is next Cameron haunt

LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- All jokes about a sequel aside, director James Cameron is returning to Titanic.

Cameron has teamed with the Anschutz Co. to produce a large-format 3-D film, "Ghosts of the Abyss." The film, which follows a six-week underwater expedition to explore the wreckage of Titanic and the Bismarck, begins shooting next week.

The project is the first large-format venture for both Cameron and Walden. Cameron designed several digital camera systems that will be used in shooting "Ghosts." The film will explore the two infamous wrecks in their resting places on the bottom of the ocean.

"There's no better director in the world to bring this story to people than Jim," Walden Media founder Cary Granat said. "It's really a dream come true for us."

Granat said Ariel Emanuel of the Endeavor agency brought the project -- a longtime passion of Cameron's -- to his attention. Cameron is expected to work on the film for nearly a year before its debut in mid-2002.

"Ghosts" will run about 45 minutes, the standard length for large-format films. It will be expanded to 90 minutes, though, for ancillary distribution on television, video and DVD.

The film will be a family affair for Cameron. His EarthShip Prods. is co-executive producing with Walden Media, while Gig Rackauskas is producing. Brother John David Cameron's EarthShip Television will produce behind-the-scenes footage of the expedition, and brother Mike Cameron is serving as chief designer of the deep-diving camera housing and the remotely operated vehicle system. In addition, several actors, including Bill Paxton, who appeared in Cameron's blockbuster "Titanic," will join the director as observers on the expedition.

Continuous live streaming over the Internet is planned to allow people an ongoing look at the activities aboard the exploration ship. The Russian Academy of Sciences' Akademic Mistislav Keldysh is the largest oceanographic research vessel in the world.

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