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Flying Monsters 3D Surpasses $5 Million In Worldwide Gross Box Office


Written by: National Geographic Cinema Ventures
Date: May 21, 2012

The film transports audiences back in time and immerses them in an incredible ancient world.


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WASHINGTON (May 21, 2012) -- "Flying Monsters 3D," a state-of-the-art adventure film that immerses audiences in the world of prehistoric pterosaurs, has surpassed $5 million in total worldwide gross box office, National Geographic Cinema Ventures (NGCV) has announced. Produced by award-winning Atlantic Productions in association with Sky 3D, and written and narrated by world-renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough, the film has run or is running successfully in more than 60 theaters in 10 countries on both 3D digital and giant screens and in dome theaters, with several openings planned over the coming months.

Applying the same state-of-the-art 3D CGI technology used in "Avatar," "Flying Monsters" also employs pioneering scientific techniques that reveal new details about pterosaurs. These giant flying monsters were a mysterious group of winged vertebrates that ruled the skies while dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The groundbreaking adventure film has earned several accolades, including a 2011 BAFTA Award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts; Best 3D Program at the 2011 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival; and Best Science Film from the Association of International Broadcasting.

"The success of 'Flying Monsters 3D' is a testament to the filmmaking skills of David Attenborough, Anthony Geffen and Atlantic Productions," said Mark Katz, president of distribution for NGCV. "They have embraced the 3D format with great enthusiasm, giving viewers for the first time the immersive experience of being in the midst of the world of the pterosaur. Indeed, the film takes 3D to a new level and shows how effective a storytelling tool it can be in this genre of film, as evidenced by its popularity with museum theater audiences all around the world."

"This movie is one of the best 3D movies I have ever seen, comparable to 'Avatar 3D.' Its 3D effects are amazing!" said Eric Chen of the Taipei Astronomical Museum.

Among the theaters that are or will be playing "Flying Monsters 3D" this summer are:

  • Great Lakes Science Center (Cleveland)
  • National Museum of Natural History (Washington, D.C.)
  • San Diego Natural History Museum (San Diego)
  • Museum of Science (Boston)
  • American Museum of Natural History (New York)
  • New Mexico Museum of Natural History (Albuquerque, N.M.)
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Denver)
  • Dallas Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas)
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science (Houston)
  • La Geode (Paris, France)
  • Melbourne Museum (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Cosmonova (Stockholm, Sweden)


"Pterosaurs are marvelously suited to 3D because they move, they fly, they swoop, they glide, and it's thrilling to see the world as they did and to watch as the largest flying creatures the world has ever known come to life in every detail," said David Attenborough, the film's writer and narrator.

The story is told from a series of stunning environments around the world, where discoveries have been made that help us understand the incredible evolution of pterosaurs and resolve mysteries that have intrigued scientists for more than two centuries. An astounding find last year in China led to a revelation about Darwinopterus, a transitional pterosaur and one of the most skilled aerial predators. In central France, there is evidence on a beach where pterosaurs left vivid traces of their presence in a kind of preserved pterosaur runway covered in tracks, which may have been the key to their global proliferation 100 million years after they first evolved.

The film also shows the amazing ways in which pterosaurs began to evolve, as seen in Tapejara, one of the oddest creatures ever to fly, and Quetzalcoatlus, the largest animal that ever flew. Sometimes reaching sizes equivalent to a jumbo jetliner, the latter lived in what is now New Mexico and was discovered by paleontologist Doug Lawson. A CT scan performed in the film shows Quetzalcoatlus's bones were hollow.

After millions of years of successfully dominating the skies, what happened to these magnificent creatures? Did a meteor 65 million years ago cause their ultimate demise? Was it the rise of birds that eventually drove them to extinction? Audiences marvel at the pterosaurs' view of a world they dominated for millions of years in this adventure film that soars to new heights and dramatically changes our understanding of pterosaur evolution.

For more information on "Flying Monsters 3D," updates on where the film is opening and links to preview the film, visit To become a fan on Facebook, join Follow the film on Twitter @natgeomovies.

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