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National Geographic teams with The North Face and REI for new Everest film


Written by: National Geographic Entertainment
Date: June 28, 2010

THE WILDEST DREAM explores George Mallory's obsession with becoming the first person to reach the top of Mount Everest.


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WASHINGTON (June 28, 2010) -- National Geographic Entertainment (NGE) today announces a promotional partnership with The North Face, supplier of authentic, innovative and technically advanced outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear, and national outdoor gear and apparel retailer REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) in support of the new film The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest, opening Friday, Aug. 6. The film documents adventurer Conrad Anker's attempt to follow in the footsteps of legendary Mount Everest climber George Mallory's fatal attempt to be the first to summit the world's highest peak. NGE will distribute the film in both giant-screen and 35 mm theaters this summer.

The partnership with The North Face and REI includes private screening opportunities for consumers of both brands in 10 markets, including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and others to be announced. The retailers will also host in-store events with Anker, giving audiences an inside look at the film and Anker's experience during its production. Each will be recognized as an official partner on promotional materials created for the film by National Geographic, and all three brands will cross-promote the film online and via social networking tools with photos and video clips.

"At its very core 'The Wildest Dream' is a pioneering adventure story," said Lisa Truitt, president of National Geographic Cinema Ventures, the NGE division handling distribution. "We are thrilled to partner with two companies that are pioneering developers in the world of adventure sports, and we look forward to bringing this film to their enthusiastic consumers."

"REI is proud to partner in the release of this film and share the remarkable story with our members and customers," said Tom Vogl, vice president of marketing at REI. "It will surely inspire outdoor enthusiasts of all interests and abilities, and we're excited to help them go out and create their own adventures."

"The North Face is honored to be a part of bringing this captivating historical story to people all over the globe," said Aaron Carpenter, vice president of marketing for The North Face. "Exploration and discovery lead the world of adventure, and The North Face is dedicated to inspiring and enabling people to reach their highest summits. 'The Wildest Dream' is a tremendous journey back to the early days of mountaineering."

Eighty-five years after George Mallory's final attempt to summit Mount Everest, "The Wildest Dream" explores Mallory's obsession with becoming the first person to reach the highest place on Earth. Told through the explorer's poignant and evocative letters to his wife, Ruth, previously unseen photos and film archive from 1924 (restored from the original nitrate especially for the film), dramatization and a modern-day expedition retracing the original route taken in 1924, Mallory's incredible adventure lives again.

This later expedition was led by Anker, a renowned mountaineer whose life became inextricably linked with Mallory's after he found Mallory's body on Everest in 1999. Using replica 1920s-era clothing and equipment, Anker sets out to solve the great mystery of whether Mallory succeeded in summiting Everest before he died -- he was last seen just 800 feet from the summit before the clouds closed in and he disappeared into legend. The most heartbreaking clue: All of Mallory's belongings were found intact on his body, except the photograph of his beloved Ruth, which he promised to leave at the top of the world if he succeeded.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Anthony Geffen and produced by Geffen and Claudia Perkins, "The Wildest Dream" is narrated by Liam Neeson and features the voices of Ralph Fiennes as George Mallory, the late Natasha Richardson as Ruth Mallory, Hugh Dancy as Mallory's fellow climber Andrew Irvine, and Alan Rickman as Noel Odell, the last person to see Mallory alive. Mike Medavoy is the executive producer. Peter Miller is the editor, and Mark Halliley is the edit producer and writer. The directors of photography are Ken Sauls and Chris Openshaw. Joel Douek composed the music, which was recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and includes the song "Edge of Heaven," by Lisbeth Scott.

About National Geographic Entertainment
National Geographic Entertainment combines into a single operating group National Geographic Films, Kids Entertainment, Home Entertainment, National Geographic Cinema Ventures and Music & Radio. In 2005 National Geographic Films co-presented the Academy Award-winning "March of the Penguins." National Geographic World Films co-presented both the 2004 Oscar-nominated film "The Story of the Weeping Camel," which received the Director's Guild Award for best documentary and an Academy Award nomination, and Lu Chuan's "Mountain Patrol: Kekexili." National Geographic Cinema Ventures (NGCV) released the 3-D concert film "U2 3D" to critical acclaim, and NGCV set giant-screen box office records with "Mysteries of Egypt" and "Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure." Daniel Battsek is president of National Geographic Films, Lisa Truitt is president of NGCV, and Mark Katz is president of NGCV Distribution.

About The North Face®
The North Face, a division of VF Outdoor Inc., was founded in 1968. Headquartered in San Leandro, Calif., the company offers the most technically advanced products in the market to accomplished climbers, mountaineers, snowsport athletes, endurance athletes and explorers. The company's products are sold in specialty mountaineering, backpacking, running and snowsport retailers, premium-sporting goods retailers and major outdoor specialty retail chains.

About REI
REI is a national outdoor retail co-op dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. Founded in 1938 by a group of Pacific Northwest mountaineers seeking quality equipment, REI operates 112 retail stores nationwide, two online stores -- and -- and an adventure travel company, REI Adventures. The company is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and increasing access to outdoor recreation through volunteerism, gear donations and financial contributions.


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