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3D Entertainment's IMAX® Theatre Underwater Film Trilogy Sails Past USD 70 Million at the Box Office


Written by: 3D Entertainment
Date: September 10, 2009

The films have been released at IMAX® 2D and 3D Theatres and select Digital 3D cinemas in 28 countries thus far.


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"Dolphins and Whales 3D" Presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau Hits the USD 15 Million Mark, A Summer Hit at Paris' La Geode

Los Angeles (CA) and London (UK) - September 10, 2009 / PR NEWSWIRE / 3D Entertainment Distribution proudly announced today that its unique trilogy of underwater-themed films for IMAX® 3D and Digital 3D cinemas -- "Ocean Wonderland 3D" (2003), "Sharks 3D: A Close Encounter with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean" (2005) and "Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean" (2008) -- has reached a new milestone with over USD 70 million cumulated to date at the worldwide box office, and still counting. The films have been released at IMAX® 2D and 3D Theatres and select Digital 3D cinemas in 28 countries thus far.

"The strong performance of our unique film trilogy confirms the viability of both our business model and strategy," said Francois Mantello, Chairman and CEO of 3D Entertainment Distribution. "We are delighted our films have proven to be such steady draws and that, alongside our film ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau, we have had this marvelous opportunity to share a vital conservation message with over 11. 3 million moviegoers around the globe. We thank our partners and IMAX® exhibitors worldwide, including the New England Aquarium, Tennessee Aquarium, Virginia Beach Aquarium, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Moody Gardens, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, IMAX Corporation's owned and operated theatres and the Smithsonian Institution, for making this happen."

"Dolphins and Whales 3D", presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau and featuring a narration by actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah, was first released in February 2008. The film delivers an important message in favour of the protection of these tribes while they are facing the greatest challenge of all: to survive the destruction of their habitat and depletion of food resources. Its box office score currently stands at USD 15 million and domestic revenue per screen is a healthy USD 280,500. Said Laurent Dondey, managing director of La Geode in Paris (France), "We are overwhelmed by the film's results! It has been an immediate and solid success since its release at our IMAX theatre on June 10, drawing 60,000 viewers in twelve weeks for a record occupancy rate of 73% throughout."

Launched in 2005, "Sharks 3D", which aims to dispel the negative image these animals have inherited by showing them as they are in their daily lives, boasts the highest gross of the Company's underwater trilogy with USD 33 million in theatrical ticket sales, 20 million of which was generated by the US and Canadian markets. It is estimated that over 5 million moviegoers worldwide have seen "Sharks". Licensed by 95 IMAX® theatres, it opened this past spring at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. For Charlotte Brohi, the Museum's VP IMAX Operations, "This film has proven to be a winner with our viewers with 77,000 tickets sold so far. It's a great title that sells itself but it also has that all important element to a successful film exhibition and that is the audience reaction."

"Ocean Wonderland 3D", the first instalment in the series, opened in 2003. This stunning exploration of the state of the world's coral reefs is now in its seventh successful year of exhibition and recently opened at Cinema City's IMAX Theatre in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Cinemec XL in Ede (Netherlands). The film's cumulative gross has exceeded USD 25 million.

The trilogy is the product of a passionate creative team led by Francois and Jean-Jacques Mantello, the films' producer and director respectively, and which included director of photography Gavin McKinney and musical composer Christophe Jacquelin. All three documentaries are presented in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society.

About 3D Entertainment
Founded in 2001, 3D Entertainment is a fast-growing company focused on the production, post-production, theatrical sales and marketing of innovative 3D films for IMAX® theatres and Digital 3D cinemas worldwide. Based in London with a satellite office in Paris, the Company is dedicated to immersing audiences of all ages in engaging, story-driven 3D experiences that inspire and educate. The cornerstone of the Company's film catalogue is a unique underwater documentary trilogy – "Ocean Wonderland" (2003), "Sharks" (2005) and "Dolphins and Whales" (2008) – which has grossed over USD 73 million at the box office to date. The all-media rights to the Company's first feature-length documentary, "OceanWorld 3D" (working title), were acquired in early 2009 by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures for North America and by Wild Bunch International for the rest of the world. For more information about our company, please visit

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