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Grand Canyon Adventure Debuts on DVD and Blu-ray


Written by: MacGillivray Freeman Films
Date: February 25, 2009

Early buzz about the release resulted in pre-sales of 10,000 units prior to its street date on February 24.


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Innovative Image Transfer Technique Delivers State-of-the-Art Image Quality

LAGUNA BEACH, Ca. (February 25, 2009) -- Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk 3D, MacGillivray Freeman's award-winning giant screen film about global water shortages, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, it was announced by MacGillivray Freeman Films Distribution Company. Distributed by Image Entertainment, the home video features an unprecedented superior image quality thanks to an innovative image transfer technique developed by DKP 70MM, an IMAX company, in Santa Monica. Early buzz about the release resulted in pre-sales of 10,000 units prior to its street date on February 24.

The new transfer technique developed by David Keighley at DKP uses an innovative approach whereby the original 8k scanned image is converted to the 2k HD format (1920X1080) with a process that maintains the original integrity of the image pixels to the greatest possible degree. To the human eye the result is a much higher resolution image in Blu-ray than has been achieved previously. Credit must also go to the skilled work of Imagion in Germany who authored and encoded the Blu-ray version, employing the newest VCI encoder, to complete the process and do justice to a superb source master.

Following a Blu-ray demonstration screening at Cinema Munich, owner Dieter Buchwald, who once operated the IMAX Theatre in Berlin, commented: "I was immensely impressed with the stellar image quality this format projected onto our screen. The disc produced not only excellent quality and clarity in the audio performance but also provided for a state-of-the-art, crystal clear, simply remarkable image quality with incredible resolution. The picture quality (color saturation and resolution) was more perfect than any 2k Hollywood live action feature film we have shown in our theater since January 2006!"

"While nothing can replicate the experience of seeing Grand Canyon Adventure in an IMAX theatre, this exciting new video image will allow home video viewers to become even more immersed in the award-winning cinematography and sound quality of this important film," said Ryan Mullins of Big Picture Digital Productions, who produced the video. "We are incredibly excited about the early response to this Blu-ray release, which some have already described as the best-quality picture ever released in home video."

Added Mike Lutz, President of the MacGillivray Freeman Films Distribution Company, "We are proud to work with the people of Image Entertainment, DKP 70MM, Imagion, and Big Picture Digital Productions who translate MacGillivray Freeman Films' passion for audio-visual fidelity into stunning DVD video versions. This breathtaking release reinforces and extends the film's important mission."

Winner of the GSCA Award for Best Cinematography, a GSCA Special Achievement in Filmmaking Award, a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing (Special Venue), and a VES Award nomination for Outstanding Special Effects (Special Venue), Grand Canyon Adventure has played in more than 60 giant screen theatres worldwide. Now in its 12th month of release, Grand Canyon Adventure has grossed more than $12 million dollars worldwide and is one of the top-grossing 15/70 films of 2008.

Set on the iconic Colorado River, the film takes viewers on an unforgettable river journey that calls attention to global freshwater issues. As scientific studies forecast water shortages in the Western U.S. and around the world, Grand Canyon Adventure explores the issues, presents real solutions and delivers an uplifting message of hope for future generations.

Grand Canyon Adventure is narrated by Robert Redford and features songs and music by Dave Matthews Band. The film is produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films and MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation in association with Museum Film Network, Reynders McVeigh Capital Management, and Waterkeeper Alliance. It is presented by Teva and supported by Kohler Co. The film is directed by Greg MacGillivray and produced by Greg MacGillivray, Mark Krenzien, and Shaun MacGillivray. Free behind-the-scenes videos and podcasts are available at

Current and upcoming giant screen films from MacGillivray Freeman Films include Van Gogh: Brush With Genius (February 9, 2009), Arabia 3D (February 2010, working title), To the Arctic 3D (February 2011), and Return to Everest 3D (February 2012).

About MacGillivray Freeman Films and its Educational Foundation
MacGillivray Freeman Films is the largest, most experienced independent producer and distributor of giant screen 70mm films in the world. Throughout the company's 40-plus year history, its films have won numerous international awards including two Academy Award nominations and two film inductions into the IMAX Hall of Fame. In 1998 the company's hit film Everest achieved unprecedented box office success for a large format film and is currently the highest grossing giant screen film of all time. In 2004, company president Greg MacGillivray and his wife Barbara founded the MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation to fund and produce educational giant screen films and companion educational programming focusing on science, the environment, world culture and natural heritage locations. MacGillivray Freeman films are known for their artistry and celebration of science and the natural world.

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