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MFF Wins Best Marketing for Grand Canyon Adventure


Written by: MacGillivray Freeman Films
Date: July 9, 2008

This is the sixth Best Marketing Award presented to MacGillivray Freeman Films.


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3D River Adventure Tops $5 Million at the Box Office; Also Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Best Soundtrack Achievement Awards

LAGUNA BEACH, Ca. (July 9, 2008) -- MacGillivray Freeman Films is the winner of the Giant Screen Cinema Association's Best Marketing by a Distributor Award for the launch of GRAND CANYON ADVENTURE: RIVER AT RISK 3D, it was announced last week by the GSCA. A panel of five judges who are members of the GSCA selected the winner. The award will be presented at the annual GSCA Conference awards banquet in Jersey City on September 10.

This is the sixth Best Marketing Award presented to MacGillivray Freeman Films following the same award for Everest (1998), Dolphins (2000), Journey Into Amazing Caves (2001), Mystery of the Nile (2005) and Hurricane on the Bayou (2007). The award honors the best and most comprehensive film marketing campaign by a film distributor within the giant screen industry.

Grand Canyon Adventure was also nominated for three GSCA Film Achievement Awards: for Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Best Soundtrack. A total of 8 films were eligible for the film awards this year. The winners will be announced at the GSCA Conference in September. The Achievement Awards are voted on by the 250 members of the Giant Screen Cinema Association representing the more than 400 giant screen theatres worldwide.

"The MFF Marketing Team put enormous energy and creativity into the launch of Grand Canyon Adventure and designed one of the company's most extensive marketing campaigns since Everest," said Mike Lutz, President of the MacGillivray Freeman Films Distribution Company. "A key component was working closely with our exhibitors to maximize their local launch possibilities, and we look forward to working with future exhibitors to make each and every new opening a remarkable and long-lasting success."

"The success of the Grand Canyon Adventure film launch would not have been as significant without the strong support of our film sponsors, Teva and Kohler," said Patty Collins, MFF Sponsorship and Development Manager. "We were able to add a critical element of national advertising and promotion to the film launch thanks to them."

Now in its 17th week of release, Grand Canyon Adventure is playing in 44 theatres after first opening in 16 theatres in March. By the film's third week of release, its per-screen average was $13,966, making it the #1 film among the top 50 feature and documentary films in North America. By its sixth week in release, the film's per-screen average was $10,585, still the #1 film in terms of per-screen average. Grand Canyon Adventure has now grossed $5 million dollars worldwide and is the fastest grossing giant screen film so far this year.

The marketing campaign for Grand Canyon Adventure generated more than 100 million film impressions with a launch that included national advertising and promotions, national publicity, a free educational standee for exhibitors, a teacher's guide, a photographic companion book, a CD soundtrack, and a targeted environmental online campaign. The MFF Distribution Company continues to offer film launch and marketing support to new exhibitors opening the film.

Set on the iconic Colorado River, Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk 3D takes viewers on an unforgettable river journey that calls attention to global freshwater issues. Leading the expedition is river advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and anthropologist Wade Davis with Native American river guide Shana Watahomigie. As scientific studies forecast water shortages in the Western U.S. and around the world, Grand Canyon Adventure explores the issues, presents real solutions and delivers an uplifting message of hope for future generations, showing how ordinary people can make a difference for our parched planet.

Grand Canyon Adventure is the sixth of MacGillivray Freeman's 10 pledged films to address water and ocean conservation themes. It was released as part of the company's Great Adventure Film Series, a brand that encompasses original giant screen productions based on real-life adventures in remote locations and that celebrate the discovery of the natural world.

Grand Canyon Adventure is narrated by Robert Redford and features songs and music by Dave Matthews Band. The film is produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation in association with Museum Film Network, Reynders McVeigh Capital Management, and Waterkeeper Alliance. It is presented by Teva and supported by Kohler Co. The film is directed by Greg MacGillivray; produced by Greg MacGillivray, Mark Krenzien, Shaun MacGillivray; written by Jack Stephens and Stephen Judson; edited by Stephen Judson; with musical score composed and arranged by Steve Wood and Stefan Lessard.

About MacGillivray Freeman Films
MacGillivray Freeman Films is the largest, most experienced independent producer and distributor of giant screen 70mm films in the world. Throughout the company's 40-plus year history, its films have won numerous international awards including two Academy Award nominations for Best Documentary Short Subject for Dolphins and The Living Sea. Two of the company's films -- To Fly! and The Living Sea -- have been inducted into the IMAX Hall of Fame. In 1998 the company's hit film Everest achieved unprecedented box office success for a large format film and is currently the highest grossing giant screen film of all time. More recently, the Giant Screen Cinema Association named Hurricane on the Bayou the Best Giant Screen Film of 2007. In 2004, company president Greg MacGillivray founded the MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation to fund and produce educational giant screen films and companion educational programming focusing on science, the environment, world culture and natural heritage locations. MacGillivray Freeman films are known for their artistry and celebration of science and the natural world.

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