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Daryl Hannah To Narrate Dolphins and Whales 3D


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Written by: 3D Entertainment
Date: January 24, 2008

The film's world premiere will be held at The New England Aquarium's Simon IMAX® Theater on February 13, 2008.


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Produced and directed by the Mantello Brothers and presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau, the film will have its world premiere at the New England Aquarium's Simons IMAX® Theatre in Boston on February 13th

Santa Monica (CA) and London (UK), January 24, 2008 /PRNEWSWIRE/ -- Filmmakers Jean-Jacques and Francois Mantello (the Mantello Brothers) and film ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau are pleased to announce that their new IMAX® 3D Theatre film DOLPHINS AND WHALES 3D: TRIBES OF THE OCEAN will feature narration by actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2, Blade Runner). Beginning its theatrical run at IMAX® 3D theatres on February 15th, Dolphins and Whales 3D will invite audiences on a journey of discovery with these marine mammal tribes of the ocean.

"We are thrilled that such an accomplished actress and charismatic personality as Daryl Hannah has accepted to lend her talent and distinctive voice to this immersive and emotional film adventure," said the Mantello Brothers. "Her involvement in the protection of the environment, whether through Reef Check, EcoAmerica or the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, is indisputable and we could not dream of a better, more inspiring person to call for ocean conservation alongside our outstanding ambassador, Jean-Michel Cousteau."

"Less than 1% of human beings have had the incredible opportunity to visit the underwater world," said Daryl Hannah. "With this beautiful adventure projected onto IMAX® 3D screens, viewers can virtually touch some of the most incredible mammals in the world," she said. "It is amazing how much we share with these beautiful creatures -- play, family, education, community, struggles. Unfortunately, because we often are so unaware of these underwater tribes and our negative impact upon them through slaughterings and uncontrolled human activities, they are facing the greatest challenge of all: to survive the destruction of their habitat and depletion of food resources."

Dolphins and Whales 3D will immerse viewers in the daily lives of small and giant cetaceans as they interact socially, play, communicate through their highly complex system of sound, feed, breed, migrate and fight for their survival. The film delivers a powerful message in favor of both ocean conservation and the protection of its tribes. It marks the first time humpback whales, belugas, orcas, bottlenose dolphins and manatees have been filmed in 3D for the world's biggest screens. Unlike other IMAX®-type films, Dolphins and Whales 3D was shot entirely in the wild and consists solely of underwater footage.

The New England Aquarium's Simons IMAX® Theatre on Central Wharf in Boston (MA) will hold the world premiere of Dolphins and Whales 3D on February 13, 2008. The VIP event will be hosted by Daryl Hannah and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Both will address the media and educators on the critical situation in which cetaceans currently find themselves. For more information, please visit

On February 15th, 3D Entertainment Distribution's release will open to the general public at the New England Aquarium in Boston, as well as at the Virginia Aquarium (Virginia Beach, VA), Texas State History Museum (Austin, TX) and Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo (Omaha, NE). The film will then roll out at both domestic- and international IMAX® 3D Theatres throughout the year. For complete theatre listings, please visit the film's official website

Dolphins and Whales 3D reunites director Jean-Jacques Mantello and producer Francois Mantello with director of photography Gavin McKinney and music composer Christophe Jacquelin, once again forming the highly successful 3D filmmaking team behind 3D Entertainment's unique ocean-themed film series. The company's first two episodes, Ocean Wonderland and Sharks 3D, which respectively address the urgent need to protect coral reefs and shark species have proven immensely popular around the globe, grossing a cumulative $56 million at the box office worldwide and counting.

The film will be released at IMAX® 3D Theatres by 3D Entertainment Distribution in association with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), PADI's Project Aware and Reef Check.

3D Entertainment Ltd. is a fully-integrated independent company specializing in the production, distribution and marketing of unique and innovative underwater-themed 3D documentaries for IMAX® theatres and Digital 3D Cinemas worldwide. Our mission is to immerse audiences of all ages in unique 3D story-driven experiences that inspire and educate on the vital need to protect the oceans and their inhabitants. For more information, visit

Explorer, environmentalist, educator, film producer. For more than four decades Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of Commandant Jacques Cousteau, has used his vast experiences to communicate to people of all nations and generations his love and concern for our water planet. Honoring his heritage, Jean-Michel founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999, a non-profit 501(c)(3) marine conservation and education organization to carry on this pioneering work. For more information on Jean-Michel Cousteau, visit

The New England Aquarium in Boston is one of the most prominent and popular aquariums in the United States. Its mission is "to present, promote, and protect the world of water." Beyond its exhibit halls, the Aquarium is also a leading ocean conservation organization with research scientists working around the globe and biologists rescuing stranded marine animals in New England. For more information, visit

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