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Living Sea Inducted Into IMAX Hall of Fame


Written by: MacGillivray Freeman Films
Date: October 16, 2007

The film is MacGillivray Freeman's second film to be inducted into the IMAX Hall of Fame, following TO FLY! in 2001.


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Giant Screen Documentary Passes $100 Million Dollars At The Worldwide Box Office Making It One Of The Top 10 Documentary Films of All Time

October 16, 2007, Laguna Beach, California -- MacGillivray Freeman Films' classic ocean film THE LIVING SEA was inducted into the IMAX Hall of Fame at this year's annual Giant Screen Cinema Association conference in Vancouver on September 22. The award caps twelve years of outstanding critical acclaim and record-breaking box office performance for The Living Sea, which was nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short Subject in 1995. The Living Sea is MacGillivray Freeman's second film to be inducted into the IMAX Hall of Fame, following To Fly! in 2001.

The IMAX Hall of Fame is administered by the IMAX Corporation, which every year inducts one film that has made an enduring and significant contribution to the giant screen industry. Eligible films must have been in release for at least ten years. The Living Sea joins such other classic giant screen films as The Dream Is Alive, Antarctica and Grand Canyon among others.

"We are thrilled and honored by this recognition of The Living Sea twelve years after it first premiered at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry," said producer/director Greg MacGillivray. "More than 440,000 people saw The Living Sea in Chicago alone, and since then nearly 20 million people have seen the film, making it one of our most beloved and highly attended films in more than 30 years of making giant screen motion pictures. Only Everest and To Fly! surpass it in terms of global attendance."

A timeless visual celebration of the world's oceans, The Living Sea was produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films in association with Nauticus, The National Maritime Center in Norfolk, Virginia and the Ocean Film Network and executive produced by White Oak Associates, Inc. The film is narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep and features songs and music by Sting.

Adds MacGillivray: "This was the first time in history that a giant screen film producer collaborated with a major Hollywood actress and a Grammy Award-winning musical artist, and the artistry of Sting and Meryl Streep added enormously to the film's success. The Living Sea is especially important to me personally because it started me on my mission to produce at least 10 IMAX Theatre films about the ocean and water conservation."

"This honor is also a major 'shout-out' to Howard Hall, whose brilliant underwater cinematography -- the first he ever shot in the 15/70 format -- immerses audiences in the underwater world," said Stephen Judson, editor of The Living Sea. "In my mind, The Living Sea will always be the quintessential Greg MacGillivray film. Not only does it champion the health of the ocean he loves, it's also brimming exuberantly with his signature stamp of vivid color, visual poetry, and optimism. Rather than working from a detailed script, Greg was guided brilliantly by his intuition throughout the shoot. Greg says the movie was made in editing -- and no film was more fun for us to make."

The Living Sea has played to record-breaking attendance throughout the world and has now been exhibited in more than 190 giant screen theatres and continues to open in theatres for new and repeat engagements. The film recently crossed the $100 million dollar worldwide box office threshold, making it the one of the top 10 grossing documentaries of all time.

More than a dozen giant screen theatres have reported outstanding attendance of more than 250,000 people including Berlin's Discovery IMAX Theatre, Museum of Science, Boston, Cincinnati Museum Center, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, La Géode in Paris, Mexico City's Papalote Museo del Nino, Liberty Science Center of Jersey City, St. Louis Science Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, and Spain's L'Hemisferic in Valencia.

"The Living Sea is one of the most successful films ever to play at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry," said John Wickstrom, former theater director of the Henry Crown Space Center Omnimax Theatre. "We were fortunate to host the world premiere, and nearly half a million people later, audiences still ask for the film. We brought the film back several times and each time the audience is thrilled by the incredible story, the breathtaking imagery and beautiful music. It's truly timeless."

"The Living Sea is as valid and important a film today as it was twelve years ago," said Greg Kowalewski, IMAX Theatre manager at the Louisville Science Center. "We opened the film again this summer for a second exhibition and it is doing gangbusters with nearly 20,000 tickets sold. There have been many instances where The Living Sea has out performed my other two films! This is still a great family film. Our audience continues to be enthralled by the film's seamless blend of art and education and the beauty of its underwater images."

The Living Sea was shot on location in the Central Pacific islands of Palau, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the Red Sea, California and Maine. It celebrates the beauty and power of the world's oceans as it explores mankind's relationship with this complex and fragile environment, showing that the more we understand the ocean and its creatures, the more we will value and protect them.

About MacGillivray Freeman Films
MacGillivray Freeman Films is the largest, most experienced independent producer and distributor of giant screen 70mm films in the world. Its films have won numerous international awards including two Academy Award nominations for Best Documentary Short Subject for Dolphins and The Living Sea, and most recently, the Best Film of the Year Award for Hurricane on the Bayou and the Best Cinematography Award for The Alps voted on by the members of the Giant Screen Cinema Association. The company's hit film Everest achieved unprecedented acclaim and box office success for a large format film and is currently the highest grossing giant screen film of all time. MacGillivray Freeman's films are known for their artistry and successful blend of education and entertainment, as well as their celebration of science and the natural world. The company's next production, Grand Canyon Adventure, will be released on March 14, 2008 to giant screen theatres and 3D giant screen theatres worldwide.

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