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Capelle Joins K2 Full Time


Written by: K2 Communications
Date: February 23, 2007

Ed Capelle joins K2 Communications as Vice President.


Category: Press Releases

February 23, 2007 -- K2 Communications and Capelle & Associates Consulting announced today that Ed Capelle will be working in a fulltime capacity with K2 on a variety of projects. Capelle said, "I have worked with K2 very closely for the past five years on their large format distribution and production initiatives. It has been a tremendously rewarding professional collaboration, which we both wish to expand."

K2 Communications President and CEO, Bob Kresser commented, "Ed has brought significant value to K2 over the past several years. We look forward to expanding the relationship to further grow the distribution and production segments of our business. "

As Vice President for K2, Capelle will also identify future business opportunities to further enhance revenue and the company's position in the industry. During the next two months, Capelle will continue to service Capelle & Associates Consulting's existing clients, in order to provide for a smooth transition.

Capelle will initially be working closely with Bob and Mark Kresser, and Jan Baird, to develop the distribution strategy for K2's latest large format film, LEGENDS OF THE SKY, set for release in Spring 2008 in 3D and 2D. LEGENDS, produced by Giant Screen 3D pioneer The Stephen Low Company, will be Executive Produced by K2, and distributed jointly by K2 and The Stephen Low Company. LEGENDS will feature some of history's most significant aircraft, and the resulting commercial aviation technology that led to the most advanced aeronautical designs being used today by companies like Boeing and Airbus.

Capelle will remain based in Oregon. His new address is: 1189 Peascod Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97402. The email address, phone and fax remain the same.

About K2 Communications
K2 is a leading-edge production and distribution organization specializing in emerging non-traditional media programming, including giant screen films for both large format and digital theaters, Video on Demand, Interactive Media, branded content and High Definition television and DVD. K2 has extensive experience supervising large-scale entertainment projects from concept to completion, and an impressive track record securing corporate sponsorship for its projects.

About Ed Capelle
Ed has 25 years combined experience in the entertainment and giant screen film industries. He currently is president and CEO of a consulting firm that provides strategic planning and operational services to the giant screen theater, film production and distribution industries. Ed also served as chief executive of National Wildlife Federation's (NWF) Large Format (LF) Distribution division and was responsible for co-producing and distributing NWF's giant screen library. Prior to NWF, Ed was President of Film and Distribution for Destination Cinema, where he was responsible for production and distribution of the company's giant screen films including Mysteries of Egypt, one of the giant screen industry's most successful films. Total box office gross has exceeded $100 million. In addition, Ed was also actively involved in managing the company's theater business with site selection, operations and marketing.

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