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Sharks 3D Accelerates IMAX 3D Roll-out


Written by: 3D Entertainment
Date: September 7, 2006


Category: Press Releases

Sharks 3D Accelerates its worldwide roll-out at IMAX 3D theatres with over 70 screen engagement, gross receipts hit the $20 million mark

Three million viewers experience a close encounter with the lions and tigers of the ocean at IMAX theatres with 3D Entertainment's latest adventure

LONDON, United Kingdom, September 7, 2006 -- 3D Entertainment Ltd. is pleased to announce that SHARKS 3D, presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), is accelerating its roll-out at IMAX theatres around the world and has been licensed at 71 locations in 17 countries to date. The film has drawn 3 million viewers worldwide so far, with box office revenues standing at $20.1 million ($11.9 million domestically), and established itself as the second-highest grossing IMAX theatre documentary film released in 2005.

Sharks 3D offers audiences, for the very first time in 3D on an IMAX screen, an astonishing up-close encounter with these wild, fascinating and endangered animals that have been in existence since a million years before the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The film has been described by the Houston Chronicle as "an upbeat ecological lesson about maintaining nature's balance" and by the Chicago Sun-Times as the "impressive work of director Jean-Jacques Mantello and a crew of daredevil underwater cinematographers led by Gavin McKinney."

"We are particularly proud of the film's fast growing popularity, especially in light of the fact that we announced the film surpassed the 2 million viewers mark just five months ago," said 3D Entertainment's Chairman François Mantello. "Both the final month of the school year and the summer season represented strong attendance peaks with 725,000 tickets sold. These spectacular results were achieved thanks to both the continuous commitment of current clients such as Boston's New England Aquarium, Galveston's Moody Gardens, the Tennessee Aquarium and the Virginia Aquarium, as well as highly-successful and popular launches at IMAX theatres in Dallas (TX), Omaha (NE), Prague (Czech Republic), London, Bristol and Bradford (UK), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Osaka (Japan) and Garza Garcia (Mexico)."

Sharks 3D is available in 3D, 2D and specially re-formatted Dome versions. It has already been shown at 58 IMAX theatres and will soon open domestically in San Antonio (TX), Charleston (SC), West Nyack (NY), Raleigh (NC), Indianapolis (IN) and Fort Lauderdale (FL). The film is also scheduled to be launched internationally in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Oviedo (Spain), Cuajimalpa (Mexico D.F., Mexico), Lodz (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

"I am thrilled that our film continues to receive such acclaim from audiences from all corners of the globe. My purpose in making this documentary was to lead people to think differently and positively about sharks," said the film's director, Jean-Jacques Mantello. "This film makes a very strong and compelling argument for shark conservation by shedding new light on the urgent need to protect these endangered animals."

For Jean-Michel Cousteau, the film's ambassador, "Sharks deserve our attention and protection, as they can't survive this onslaught. If even a handful of the three million moviegoers to have seen this film have come away with a heightened awareness of the importance of marine conservation, the oceans will be better off."

Sharks 3D is the second instalment in 3D Entertainment's inspiring trilogy of marine-themed stereoscopic films for IMAX theatres. The first episode, Ocean Wonderland 3D, which sheds light on the crucial function of the endangered coral reef system, was released in February 2003 in association with UNEP and the WWF. The film has grossed over $26 million in revenue and is still playing at select IMAX theatres in the US, Western Europe, Japan and Australia. Dolphins & Whales 3D (wt), the third and final episode in the series, is currently being shot at various locations around the world.

Sharks 3D is produced by 3D Entertainment and McKinney Underwater Productions Inc. Directed by Jean-Jacques Mantello, filmed by Gavin McKinney and executive produced by Francois Mantello, Sharks 3D features an original score composed by Christophe Jacquelin and performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra. Sharks 3D is distributed worldwide by 3D Entertainment in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and is endorsed and supported by Ocean Futures Society, Reef Check and PADI's Project Aware.

Sharks 3D is recommended for general audiences and has been rated "Universal" by the British Board of Film Classification (equivalent to a MPAA "G"rating ).

Official website:

Based in London (UK), 3D Entertainment Ltd. (3DE) is a company specializing in the production and distribution of marine conservation and environmental-themed films specifically for the worldwide network of IMAX theatres. The company's mission is to immerse audiences in unique underwater experiences that inspire and educate. 3DE enjoys strategic alliances with McKinney Underwater Productions and Studio Helios XIV.

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