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Dinosaurs 3D to Be Made Available Worldwide in 3D Only!


Written by: Sky High Entertainment
Date: February 23, 2006


Category: Press Releases

Sky High Entertainment and its President Carl Samson are revealing that DINOSAURS 3D shall only be made available in 3D. Not just to existing 3D theatres, but also to all 2D theatres enjoying what might be their first opportunity to play a 3D movie in their theatre using the latest anaglyph technology! "We want to build on the actual momentum of the 3D film. All our marketing effort and support will reflect this reality. Watch for the D3D campaign that will soon begin," said Mr. Samson. The theatres participating at the 1st GSCA event this March in Los Angeles will be able to view the first 15/70 3D footage of D3D.

Mr. Samson also was proud to release exerts of the recently received letter from Mr. Helmut Kungl, the President of XYZ RGB Inc.: "I wish to let you know our sincere appreciation regarding the tremendous work accomplished by SVC's artists. The dinosaur models that you have sculpted for Sky High Entertainment's Dinosaurs 3D giant screen movie are incredible! ... Based on the eight models that you brought us for scanning, I would indeed tell anyone that Studio Virtual Concept is a world leader in their ability to create unique sculptures at the highest level of detail and craftsmanship ... We were very excited to see the same level of detail and craftsmanship from a local Canadian company as from the best that WETA Workshop in New Zealand had to offer."

XYZ RGB is considered the world leader in 3D scanning for the visual effects and entertainment industry. They have provided exclusive 3D scanning services on various blockbuster films of recent years including: Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and his recent remake of King Kong, to name just two. Dinosaurs 3D shall be released for all 15/70 theatres on December 1st, 2006 and all 8/70 theatres on February 1st, 2007.

Dinosaurs 3D synopsis

If it weren't for a series of cataclysmic events; a comet impact being first on the list, our planet could well still be the domain of the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs fascinate us so much, that many people wish they were still amongst us.

Fortunately, the large format Dinosaurs 3D will be the closest thing to actually being in the presence of the extraordinary creatures without looking into our own extinction at the same time. Following Pr Rodolfo Coria, a world renowned Argentinian paleontologist, we visit sites of major discoveries he has contributed to in Patagonia and travel back in time to see these amazing beasts come to life. Patagonia has given us the largest living animal to have ever walked the Earth: the titanesque plant-eating Argentinosaur, and its nemesis, the Giganotosaur, a bipedal carnivore, that could easily challenge the famous T-Rex.

Deeply rooted in science, the film carries the audience through the lives of two specimens of these superb achievements of evolution. The action is intense and the landscape is out of this world. At times, the camera takes us into space to witness the movement of the tectonic plates or the arrival of a comet that will seal the fate of the Dinosaurs.

As the movie leaves our Patagonian giants behind to jump forward to the end of this extreme chapter of Earth's history, we learn through science that although most species of their evolutionary branch have disappeared, the Dinosaurs are still with us today. You can see them easily. They sometimes perch on wires in your back yard. You've even probably eaten quite a few of them. They are birds.


  • D3D available in 3D only
  • D3D trailer to be presented at GSCA in March
  • S.H.E and animation firm SVC received recognition by XYZ RGB, the world leader in 3D scanning
  • D3D to be released December 1st 2006

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