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TELUS World of Science Presents Extra-Large Shorts


Written by: TELUS World of Science Vancouver
Date: February 1, 2006


Category: Press Releases

TELUS World of Science in Vancouver presents its first self-produced OMNIMAX® compilation

February 1, 2006, Vancouver, BC -- Journey from the Niger River to the Norwegian backcountry… all in less than an hour! The latest offering in the OMNIMAX Theatre at TELUS World of Science is Extra-Large Shorts, a collection of some of the best short features on IMAX® film. Extra-Large Shorts is the first such compilation produced by Science World and Theatre Manager, Ingrid Lae.

"Extra-Large Shorts is a departure from what you'd usually see at the OMNIMAX Theatre," says Ingrid Lae. "This compilation features a lot of animation and whimsical subject matter. It's a refreshing option to the action-packed and science-based films we generally screen, but is no less exciting!"

The compilation includes:

(Canada 1987)
This three minute sound poem comes alive on the screen as words and letters pop on and off, swirling and dancing in a rhythmic beat with the spoken soundtrack.
Running time: 3 minutes
Directed and Produced by Ed Ackerman and Colin Morton
Adapted from the poem Ursonate, written by Kurt Schwitters
Distributed by IMAX Corporation

(The Netherlands 2000)
Commissioned by the government of the Netherlands especially for the sixth UN World Conference on Climate Change, this film offers a look at our rapidly changing environment.
Running time: 16 minutes
Directed by Frank Schots
Director of Photography: Per-Inge Schei
Music by Angelo Badalamenti
Produced by Kees Groenewegen
Production Company: IRAS Film
Distributed by OMNIVERSUM

(Switzerland / USA 2000) This witty, contemporary interpretation of the myth of Pandora's Box was created without a camera. The film consists of over 2,500 images hand-drawn, scratched, painted, and rubber-stamped directly on clear leader and junk footage.
Running time: 3 minutes
Directed and Produced by Nina Paley
Music by The Revillos (Yeah Yeah)
Distributed by Xlargo Distribution

(Norway 2003)
The first Norwegian film in IMAX format, Where the Trains Used to Go takes you on a magic journey along the remains of a 100 year-old narrow-gauge railway.
Running time: 4 minutes
Directed and Produced by Morten Skallerud
Music by Jan Garbarek
Sound Design by Jan Lindvik
Distributed by Camera Magica

(Canada 2003)
This musical, animated short (based on the classic song) takes a playful approach to cultural myths and clichés about love while celebrating the joy of the experience.
Running time: 3 minutes
Directed by Munro Ferguson
Music composed by Friedrich Hollander
Sung by Marlene Dietrich
Sound Design by Normand Roger
Colour Design by Anne Ashton
Produced by Marcy Page
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada
Distributed by IMAX Corporation

(Canada / Japan / Russia 1999)
Painstakingly hand-animated by moving oil paint on glass, this inspiring adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novella tells the story of an aging Cuban fisherman and his battle with a giant marlin. Winner of the AcademyAward®, Best Animated Short (1999).
Running time: 22 minutes
Directed by Alexandr Petrov
Animation by Alexandr and Dimitri Petrov
Music by Normand Roger
Sound Design by Antoine Morin
Produced by Bernard Lajoie and Tatsuo Shimamura
Production Company: Pascal Blais Productions
Distributed by Giant Screen Films

Extra-Large Shorts is now playing daily at the OMNIMAX Theatre. Please visit for showtimes.

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