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Sky High Entertainment Partners with Six Degrees, Inc. for DINOSAURS in 3D


Written by: Sky High Entertainment
Date: August 3, 2005


Category: Press Releases

Slated for December 2006 Release; Chicago firm exclusive agency for sponsorship and licensing opportunities

August 3, 2005, CHICAGO -- Quebec-based Sky High Entertainment today announced a partnership with Six Degrees, Inc., a Chicago-based branded entertainment and customer experience design firm. Six Degrees will generate sponsorships, licensing deals and overall go to market support to promote the December 2006 release of DINOSAURS, Sky High Entertainment's latest large format creation.

Shot with the latest in IMAX™ technology, Dinosaurs captures the excitement of these enormous creatures in 3D and the film will also be available for wider distribution in 2D theatres. Animators who helped create Jurassic Park III, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, will take the Dinosaurs audience back to the time when the Argentinosaur, the largest land animal ever, and Giganotosaur, a predator larger than T-Rex, roamed the Earth. The film will explore some the greatest paleontological discoveries of modern time.

"This new film will be the most exciting dinosaur adventure film since Jurassic Park, but with a twist -- Dinosaurs will be 100 percent factually accurate," said Carl Samson, CEO of Sky High Entertainment. "We want to set the record straight about dinosaurs, and at the same, time creatively and technologically surpass everything that's ever been produced in recreating their world."

"Savvy marketers looking to connect with consumers of all ages, and capitalize on the release date at the start of the holiday buying season, should look no further," said Sheila Clary, president of Six Degrees, Inc. "Additionally, sponsors will have longevity; asDinosaurs' will be seen by a wide audience base for years to come. Museums and large format theaters typically have extended runs, often over a period of several years."

Sky High Entertainment plans to distribute the film internationally to both 3D and 2D theaters. The last large format dinosaur film, released in 1996, T-REX, grossed more than $90 million and is still running in 30 theaters today.

To find out more about sponsorship and licensing opportunities, contact Sheila Clary, Six Degrees, Inc., 312.410.7252 or

About Sky High Entertainment
Founded in 1997 by Carl Samson, Sky High Entertainment (S.H.E.) is a successful producer of large format films. S.H.E. launched its first large format film: ULTIMATE G'S: ZAC'S FLYING DREAM, in February 2000. Since then, S.H.E. has released 2 box offices successes; ADRENALINE RUSH: THE SCIENCE OF RISK (2002) and VIKINGS: JOURNEY TO NEW WORLDS (2004).  S.H.E.'s films are known for their successful mix of education and entertainment, as well as their scientific accuracy. Sky High Entertainment is already preparing for its next exciting release after Dinosaurs 3D; Dragons!

About Six Degrees, Inc.
Founded in 2001, Chicago based Six Degrees® works with brand leaders, media company innovators and intellectual property rights holders to develop go to market programs that accelerate business growth. Using a more consumer relevant approach, the veteran team of marketing and media professionals unlocks the power and trends in popular culture to create real results for brands and additional revenue streams for entertainment assets.

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