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SVC Joins Sky High Entertainment on Dinosaurs


Written by: Sky High Entertainment
Date: July 8, 2005


Category: Press Releases

Quebec City's Studio Virtuel Concept is breathing life into Sky High Entertainment's Dinosaurs 2D/3D

July 8, 2005, Quebec City, Canada -- Better known locally as SVC, this Quebec City based, CGI firm is producing the visual effects for Sky High Entertainment's next release: DINOSAURS. Dinosaurs is a stereoscopic large format film; i.e. requiring those large polarized glasses, about the most amazing creatures to ever walk the Earth. Working with a team of veteran animators who made a significant contribution to Hollywood blockbusters, Jurassic Park III, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, SVC is creating the computer generated footage needed to take the audience back to a time when the Argentinosaur (the largest land animal ever) and the Giganotosaur (a predator larger than T-Rex), were roaming the exotic region of Patagonia in Argentina. "Every SVC artist wants to surpass everything that's been done up to now in the realm of dinosaur recreation," says Mario Couturier, one the principal designers at SVC, "because we always want to not only better ourselves, but also because in this specific case, we are playing with the extra realism of the oversized IMAX Solido 3D picture." The extra work involved with the image size (almost 10 times that of 35 mm), as well as the stereoscopy, means everything has to be rendered twice. As well as this, it requires much more precision than normal CGI integration and this will make it all the more worthwhile. Dinosaurs promises to be an unforgettable experience!

The principal "stars" of the movie are sculpted in an hyperealistic manner by Richard Bergeron, scanned by lasers at a very high resolution and then passed in digital form to the 17 computer animators who give them a new life. "We want nothing less than to set new standards in the large format film industry," says Carl Deschenes, Associate Producer. "Considering the immense undertaking of this project, the amount and complexity of the visual effects for this Large format production, we're lucky to have SVC's expertise close to us here in Quebec city," adds Carl Samson, CEO and President of Sky High Entertainment. Dinosaurs 3D is Carl's fourth large format movie in seven years, a performance only achieved in the past by much bigger firms. Dinosaurs 3D's cinematography was led masterfully by veteran William Reeve, CSC (SACRED PLANET, VOLCANOES OF THE DEEP SEA, FIGHTER PILOT). The movie is directed by Marc Fafard (ADRENALINE RUSH: THE SCIENCE OF RISK, VIKINGS: JOURNEY TO NEW WORLDS).

The movie is scheduled for release on December 1st 2006.

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