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New Giant Screen Film Takes on Theodore Roosevelt's Greatest Adventure


Written by: Thunder House Pictures
Date: April 19, 2005


Category: Press Releases

Thunder House Pictures and MacGillivray Freeman Films To Co-Produce Two New Large Format Film Productions

MILWAUKEE, WI, April 19, 2005 -- A legendary American president foils death on the most treacherous uncharted river in South America. Scientists push their physical limits in the vast reaches of Peru's Cordillera Blanca mountain range in search of a tiny, blue butterfly. These stories and more are destined for giant screen theaters around the world!

Thunder House Pictures and MacGillivray Freeman Films are pleased to announce a new co-production and distribution relationship for the production of RIVER OF DOUBT: THEODORE ROOSEVELT'S GREATEST ADVENTURE and THE GREAT BUTTERFLY QUEST.

Thunder House Pictures is a sister company to The Duncan Entertainment Group (, a longstanding producer of quality non-fiction television. Thunder House Pictures was started in 2003 with the intention of developing, funding and producing non-fiction features for IMAX® and large format screens around the world. The production of River of Doubt and The Great Butterfly Quest mark the entrance of Thunder House Pictures into the world of large format filmmaking.

"We are extremely pleased to be working alongside MacGillivray Freeman Films," says producer Chip Duncan. "Greg MacGillivray and his colleagues have set the standard of excellence in large format filmmaking for nearly 30 years."

MacGillivray Freeman Films has distinguished itself as an industry leader in the production and distribution of large format and IMAX® theatre films including the number one giant screen adventure of all time, EVEREST. Other highly successful MacGillivray Freeman Films include the groundbreaking TO FLY!, the 2003 box office leader CORAL REEF ADVENTURE, and this year's MYSTERY OF THE NILE. MacGillivray Freeman Films has set the standard for quality, entertaining and educational non-fiction in the large format world of filmmaking.

"We're always excited by collaborating with strong, new giant screen filmmakers," says company president Greg MacGillivray. "The Duncan Group has a long history of producing successful non-fiction and documentaries for public television and various cable networks internationally. I believe Chip Duncan and his associates at Thunder House Pictures have the potential to bring new cinematic vision and strong storytelling to IMAX® theatres and other large format venues around the world. We look forward to distributing these two exciting films."

River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Greatest Adventure and The Great Butterfly Quest were written by acclaimed natural history writer/director Kevin McCarey. Until recently, McCarey was a Supervising Producer for National Geographic Television. River of Doubt tells the story of Roosevelt's perilous 1914 journey with his son Kermit and famed Brazilian naturalist/adventurer Colonel Rondon down the uncharted River of Doubt in Brazil. Starvation, madness, fatal accidents, even murder combine to make this true story among the best adventure tales of all time.

The Great Butterfly Quest will explore the mysteries of butterfly survival in the mountain world of Peru's Inca ancestors. We'll follow an international team of scientists on an arduous expedition to the heights of Huascarán in search of a rare blue butterfly. Our adventure will take us through some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, as we raft down turbulent white waters, trek across steep gorges, traverse perilous glaciers and climb rugged cliffs.

No date has yet been set for completion of either production. It's anticipated that production of River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Greatest Adventure will begin early in 2006. Funding efforts are currently underway for both productions.

For more information on these productions please contact Chip Duncan ( in the USA at 414-223-1060 or visit and

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