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10th International Large Format Film Festival La Géode, Paris, France


Written by: La Géode
Date: March 1, 2005


Category: Press Releases


The 10th International Large Format Film Festival has taken place in La Géode, Paris, from January,12th to January 31st 2005 and has gathered more than 30 000 spectators (+17% compared with 2004 and +9% with 2003). More than 25% of this audience has taken the opportunity to vote and choose their favorite film in order to award the Public's Choice prize.

The Festival awarded 4 prizes :

Members of the jury:

  • Jacques MALATERRE, president of the jury and director of two telefilms on the origins of life which were seen respectively by 10 and 8 million TV viewers in 2004 and 2005
  • Sophie BECHEREL , journalist at France Inter, one of the main French radios
  • Bernard BUREL, General Manager of La Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse. A 70 mm 3D movie theater is about to open very soon in this scientific museum dedicated to space
  • Jean-René FAILLIOT, Manager of Arane-Gulliver, the only European 70 mm laboratory
  • Daniel GOUDINEAU, General Manager of France 5 (National French TV)
  • Philippe GILDAS, journalist
  • Jordi LLOMPART, TV and IMAX director
  • Stephane RAYMOND, student at la FEMIS, famous French movie school

The films in competition were:

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