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Sky High Entertainment Completes Financing for Dinosaurs Film


Written by: Sky High Entertainment
Date: November 1, 2004


Category: Press Releases

Sky High Entertainment announce completion of financing of its next production Dinosaurs from Patagonia 3D

Quebec City, November 1st, 2004 – Sky High Entertainment is pleased to announce that it completed the financing of its next production DINOSAURS FROM PATAGONIA 3D. The 9 millions budget film will be produced by Sky High Dinosaurs production a division of Sky High Entertainment. "It took us one year to complete this financing. We are now very happy to start production of this new large format film," said Carl Samson producer and president of Sky High Entertainment.

"I'm very happy to go back on production. I'm especially happy to work again with a group that I know very well," told Carl Deschesne associate producer. Marc Fafard will again write and direct. Rene Caron as editor and Pierre Rousseau as sound designer will also join the production team. "Dinosaurs will definitely be the greatest Sky High challenge so far. We are promising the theatres a very accurate Dinosaurs film with 20 minutes of CGI footage," told Carl Samson. Dinosaurs from Patagonia should be ready for worldwide release December 2006.

"Even though a distributor for Dinosaurs has not been decided yet, we already started contacting theatres interested to become pre-lease partner. As we did for VIKINGS: JOURNEY TO NEW WORLDS, we want to work with a group of pre-lease partners. This group will give us their input to make sure this large format film will please the industry," told Mr. Samson. We will actively contact theatres in the coming weeks to set up a first advisory board that will review our script and story board," added Carl Samson.

Dinosaurs from Patagonia will take the viewers back to a 3D journey in the Patagonian region that once host the most amazing creatures to ever walk the Earth. The film will show never seen before 3D computer generated footage from the Giganotosaurus, a carnivore bigger than the famous T-Rex and the Argentinosaurus the biggest dinosaurs ever found to name a few.

Media Contact: Luc Blouin / Sky High Entertainment
(418) 682-1443 ext.6

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