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WWF Supports Ocean Wonderland 3D


Written by: WWF International
Date: January 8, 2003


Category: Press Releases

Gland, Switzerland - WWF, the conservation organization, announced today that it is supporting the production and promotion of Ocean Wonderland 3D, a breathtaking new film about coral reef habitats and the species that depend on reefs for their survival.

The film, shot almost exclusively in natural light, showcases the incredible beauty and importance of coral reefs, in supporting marine life by providing habitat and food for a wide variety of fish species. The film highlights several threats facing coral reefs, and calls for increased protection and care of reef systems.

"Coral reefs are critically important to the long term health of the marine environment," said Dr. Simon Cripps, director of WWF's Endangered Seas Programme. "We must recognize the effects of overfishing and climate change on coral reefs, and take urgent steps to ensure that they are adequately protected. WWF believes that Ocean Wonderland 3D will raise considerable public awareness about both the importance of corals, and the perils that they face."

WWF recently began a three-year Coral Reefs Advocacy Initiative to raise public awareness about coral reef conservation and to encourage action by governments and other stakeholders to protect reef systems. The program has the broad goals to: increase the number and area of representative networks of coral reefs under formal conservation protection; improve the management of coral reef protected areas globally; and mobilize support for coral reef conservation.

Ocean Wonderland 3D is the first Large Format movie entirely shot using new digital technology. The film was produced by 3D Entertainment, was directed by Jean-Jacques Mantello, and was filmed by Gavin McKinney.

Ocean Wonderland 3D is premiering on February 11th at the Simons IMAX Theatre of the New England Aquarium in Boston.

For further information:
Peter Bryant, Communications Manager, Endangered Seas Programme, +41 22 364 9028
Sian Owen, Coordinator, Coral Reefs Advocacy Initiative, +31 30 693 7311

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