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BMZ is committed to helping BMZ partners reach the worldwide "Big Movie" audience both on and offline, with meaningful, integrated content and marketing programs. Programs can be tailored to be US and North America-specific, or international markets can be targeted. We'll customize a package that's perfect for you, from smaller and more targeted to big and global.

Big Movie Fan Demographics

The audience for Big Movies, or large format films is different from the normal "Hollywood" movie audience. The demographics below hold true not only across the US and Canada, but internationally, as well, as the Big Movie audience is very well defined worldwide: upscale, family oriented, much more likely to go out and travel than the US index, and highly likely to use the internet for both information and purchasing.

Big Movie Zone has detailed data regarding the travel, vacation and lifestyle habits of this highly desirable demographic available to potential sponsors. Please contact us for more information.

-72.8% of Big Movie patrons are 25-54 years old.
-53.6% of Big Movie patrons are 25-44 years old.
-Average age: 40.7 years.

-College Degree or Better: 66%.
-Post Graduate Degree: 24%.

-Average Household Income: $90,120.
-33% Earn Over $100,000 a year.

Home Ownership
-Own a Home: 67%.

Home Value
-Average Home Value: Over $300,000.
-Home is Valued at $200,000 or more: 53%.

-Have Children: 57%.
-Of Those, 94.5% have children under 18.

Internet Usage
-Own Personal Computer: 85%.
-Use Internet Regularly: 76%.

All statistics based on study conducted for by L&J Research, 2000

BMZ Network Traffic

Big Movie Zone Online Network
-March 2004: 523,000 impressions, 255,000 visitor sessions, 14.7 million hits, 125,000 unique visitors to

Big Movie Zone Offline Theater Network
-Over 100 Large-Format Theater Partners and counting worldwide
-Over 60% major theaters in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain
-Other countries include Germany, Malta, Sweden, Kuwait, etc etc.
-BMZ partners use BMZ slides, rack cards, posters, mini-posters , buttons and more.
-70 million plus tickets sold per year through theater partners
-Additional viewership reached through 35mm theaters surrounding BMZ Partner 70mm venues (Crown, Malta)

Sponsorship Opportunities

At BMZ we're dedicated to creating a meaningful, integrated presence for BMZ partners through the BMZ online and offline networks. Please contact us to learn about rates and special package deals we can customize to meet your needs.

Online Opportunities
Integrated Feature Content: Present features on BMZ home and main pages, and BMZ online network partner sites.

Present a BMZ Section: Present an entire section on the BMZ site, and on BMZ Network partner sites, with customized bonus presence therein that will help make your association with BMZ meaningful. Sections include Film Search, Coming Attractions, Theater Listings, Clips, Features, Reviews, Store, Community, Travel. New Technologies: Have a "flashy" graphic and text message or present a feature in the big Flash Tile, top center in the module. Or try a flash skyscraper on the sidebar present on every page of the module.

What Are Big Movies?: Identify with this content that explains Big Movies, IMAX, large format etc. to the layman. Present this where referenced on module and BMZ Home Page, and throughout actual BMZ section.

BMZ TV: BMZ produces our own feature clips including exclusive interviews and film footage, premiere footage or on-location footage. Present these clips or other movie clips or behind-the-scenes clips throughout BMZ Network, plus run a video spot before all original clips.

BMZ Mini Site Packages for Now Playing and Coming Soon Films: Ensure maximum exposure for your films at key times, along with full mini site representation on the BMZ Network forever. (We'll create a discounted exposure package including several other options mentioned in this list, to ensure prominent exposure at important times for your mini-site. Site will also be registered separately on Yahoo, and referenced in fan and industry e-mails. Mini-site remains posted for the life of the BMZ site). Coming Soon films can have a great web site up NOW, updateable, linked to and from theater listings. All sites permanently link to and from theater listings, and include link to your own film web site.

Producer/Distributor/Director Mini Sites: Ensure maximum exposure for your business and/or all of your films at key times, to remain posted on the BMZ Network forever, with links to BMZ film pages and your own web site or sites.

Badges, Banners, BMZ Contest, BMZ Flash Intro, Home Page Theater Picture, Themed Months: Ask about these other great ways to feature your films, company, product or service on the BMZ Network.

Online/Offline Opportunities
Customized Online/Offline BMZ Network Package: Reach the well-defined "big movie" audience throughout our online network, with exposure tailored to your needs -- and reach our offline audience through various theater promotions in a coordinated online/offline program. We'll customize a package that's perfect for you, from small and targeted to big and global.

BMZ Theater Events: We can tailor theater-based events in key markets to allow you to reach the great IMAX and Big Movie audience in unique, memorable ways. Ask us to customize a program.

BMZ Film-based Sponsorships including local marketing in key markets: We can customize an offline program through film distributors, theater partners and local markets to tie your brand or product and call-to-action to a specific film or films that fit your image or purposes.

*All programs leveraged to include BMZ Online Network components!

Please contact us to learn about rates and special package deals we can customize to meet your needs.